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Burundian Afro-soul Act Andy Mwag has officially released the album NISAIDIE wich mean (Help Me):

 Indeed, the album reflects the reality of Andy Mwag’s experience and ‘The Lamp symbolizes“ The LIGHT, “Glow” or hope.  Lost his parents when he was very young.  

The AfroSoul delight is layered over monstrous instrumentation and complemented by intoxicating brass, melodious guitar and powerful trumpets. The thumping Album produced by Arnaud Gasige. The Album is an AfroSoul delight. 

NISAIDIE.  Life became almost impossible and couldn't get out of it to save mine.  

 RAFIKI (friend).  Influenced by Afro Fusion, Jazz and Blues.

 Among the souls of good will, I found myself in different musical groups where I was guitarist-singer-soloist among others the group of the Cité des Jeunes Buterere, directed at the time by the Rev. P.  Désiré IRUNGA, Salesian of Don Bosco.

 I had the opportunity to travel to accompany a Rwandan colleague who had won the RFI Discovery Prize (2018). 

 In the song AFREEKA: Conscious and awake generation on our African continent, yes, we had heroes, our continent is rich, we have experienced slave woes, colonization and independence.  I challenge our leaders and question future generations.  Responsibilities are shared.

 In my various travels, I must have encountered a musical diversity that I try to combine in my songs: Africando, Rumba, Funky, TradiModerne...

 Finally, the album deals with various topics of daily life and especially love with my lovely wife.

 The album consists of 9 songs:

 1. Nisaidie, 2. Afreeka, 3. Get there, 4. Rafiki badilika, 5. Amarira, 6. Umubwire ft IamBlameless, 7. Motema, 8. Amarira My Love's ur Love ft PlamyMwag, 9. Meu Amor


Andy Mwag's Music link:

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