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“My Backup Boyfriend Proposed To Me And I Said Yes, What Should I Do?” — Lady

A young Nigerian lady has written to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, that she is confused because her ‘back-up’ boyfriend proposed to her and she said yes.
The young lady has been hiding her engagement ring from her main boyfriend who is yet to pop the question to her.
Here’s what she wrote below ;
I currently cohabit with my boyfriend of 4 years for 6 months now, he is serious but wants to make money first before popping the question.
Yesterday a backup boyfriend i had but hardly see, proposed to me. i said yes but i hide the ring from my main boyfriend. How do i get out from this dilemma.
Both of them are still trying to make money but this other guy loves me more.
I don’t have enoough money now, i would have gone to rent a place urgently till my new fiancee is ready to do wedding .
I’ve been deceitful and i regret so badly! Guilt is killing me. i need advice on how to break the news and get free joro

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