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Shatta Wale has released 108 songs in 2017, AND E NEVER STILL BLOW

They say music is hardwork and the inability of one to pump in the needed work will render the individual useless in the industry.
Although there is the belief that one’s shine does not depend mostly on the number of songs released but the impact of songs released, Shatta Wale is one artiste who believes in producing more songs for his followers no matter how bad the song is.
The Dancehall King in a post on Facebook expressed shock at the number of songs he has released in the year 2017 only. Shatta Wale according to his list has released 108 songs. However, some of these songs did not make the needed impact in the industry.
All these Songs
108 songs (2017 Alone) Within 11 months
January 2017
1 RealBadman- Prod.DjPerf(DeathWarrantRiddim) 3rd
2 MyGuy (prod.Willies beat) 19th
3 GoMad ft 77(prod.WilliesBeat) 22nd
4 StrongMan 25th 20:36
5 Rapture. (Prod.BrainyBeats)-26th
6 Fufui 27th.
7 SoSad (prod.WilliesBeat)- 28th
8 GangsterNoDeyCallPolice (prod.Damaker)- 31st February 2017
9 ShattaPolice (prod.Damaker) 1st
10 Hasanna ft Burnaboy(prod.Damaker)2nd.
11 TheOrder(Damaker) 4th
12 Saturday night (prod.Da maker) 4th
13 OMG (DaMaker) 5th.
14 GethoStar ft AddiSelf(DaMaker) 6th
15 YouChop(DaMaker) 7th.
16 LifeChanger (Prod. Willis beats) 8th.
17 Dangote(prod.DaMaker) 12th
18 Umbrella(ProdDaMaker) 14th.
19 Kasoa (Prod.NotNice) 15th.
20 Aplanke (prod.B2) 22nd.
21 SkinPain (prod.Willies) 25th
22 SayFi (Yaa pono diss) (Prod.DaMaker) 26th
23 Likes (Prod.DaMaker) 27th
24 OneManKiller Iwan&RM diss(prod.DaMaker) 28th.
25 OpenAndClose (prod. Wilisbeats) 28th March 2017
26 MayaaTra ft PopeSkiny(prod.Willies) 2nd.
27 I run Ghana (prod.DaMaker) 6th.
28 Ayooo (Prod.Possigee). 8th
29 Am blessed(WilisBeatz) 8th
30 Comfortable Lead (Prod.DjPerf) 15th
31 TakingOver ft 77,AddiSef,Captan(prod. Willis beat) 13th.
32 Dem Confuse (prod.Shawers) 17th 13:20
33 Inna Dancehall (Prod.SilverBirds) 21st. 14:32
34 London girls (prod.B2) 31st April
35 Caan stop me (prod.Tanzanite riddim) 6th
36Bumper (WillisBeats) 24th
37Allo ft Kwaw kese(willisBeatz) 26th MAY
38Adwoa ft Pope skinny (Prd Monies Beat) 11th May
39The Paper (prod Monies Beat) 12th May
40You shock me (prd Willis Beats) 12th May
41Low Tempo ft Michy ( prd Monies beats) 17th
42????Real Monster (Da Maker) 18th May
43.Stop Talk (Prod. Nektunez ) 22nd May
44Bleed and Run (prd Da Maker) 22nd May
45Victoria ft Duke D2 (prd Da Maker) 26th May
46Forgetti ft Militants x Pope x Natty Lee (Prd Willis Beats) 29th May
47Maxwell Adam Mahama (Tribute) (Prd DaMaker) 31st JUNE
48Ma Chargie (Prod MOG) 5th
49Dancehall Girl (prod. Epik Music group) 8th
50Level (prod. Pee on da Beat) 14th
51These Times (Progress Riddim) 17th
52Go shordy ft Michy x Majesty (Keena gh) 19th
53Shut up ft Pope Skinny (prod. B2) 20th
54Magazine Release (prod. Da maker) 21st
55Tamale (Prod. Mog beats) 21st June
56Bag a Money (prod. Zack Ariyah) 23rd
57????4lyf Mi seh (prod. Da maker) 24th
58Penalty (prod. Willis beats) 27th
59BulletProof (prod. Willis Beatz) 30th JULY
60Waitti (prod. Mog beats) 4th
60Neighborhood hero (prod. Shawers) 6th
61Its My Life ft Sarkodie (prod.shawers) 22nd AUGUST
62Control Ghana ft Militants (Addi x captan) (Da Maker) 5th
63Fool Is The last to Know (prod YGF) 12th August
64More Glory (prod. DJ Hubby) 12th
65????My Queen ft Aidonia (prod.) 31st SEPTEMBER
66Haters ft Mr Eazi (Prod. Zimbabwe) 1st
67Hater Gone (Mastered by Da maker) 13th
68Get Rich (prod. Good Good) 13th
69FUCKING (prod Mog beats) 13th
70Black Friday (prod. Mog beats) 15th
71I Try (prod Willis Beatz) 16th
72Dance baby (prod Damage Music) 19th
73paparazzi Chill (prod Keena Gh) 19th
74Duna (prod. Da maker) 23rd
75Ghamro (Leaked) (prod. Shawers) 29th
76Ashaiman (prod. Shawers) 30th OCTOBER
77Mkportor kportor (prod No Joke Record) 2nd
78Affi Di MONEY (RIDDIM) 3rd
79If Its a Game (prod. Cobby) 4th
80Gangster Check MEDLEY ft Militants (Addi x captan) (prod. Da maker) 4th
81Freedom (prod. Willis beats) 7th
82Stop Land guard (prod. Willis beats) 14th
83Birthday skits (prod. Da maker) 14th
****************************** **********************************
*CLOUD 9 ALBUM 6 TRACKS (Mastered by Da maker)
84Just Make Money 17th
85Grow Bad 17th
86Shit is Lit 17th
87Feel So Stupid 17th oct.
88My Frenz 17th
89Never Plan For This 17th oct.
****************************** **********************************
90????See Da fool (prod. Willis beats) 17th
91????Nobody go Talk (prod. Keena Gh) 26th
92Starbwoy (prod. Da maker) 28th
93Rado Rado (prod. MOG BEATS) 28th
94Handle It (prod. Possigee) 30th
95Korle Bu (prod. BeatBoss) 31st
96Wo Trumu Korr (Obour x Music Industry Diss) (prod. Smokey) 31st NOVEMBER
97World Record (prod. Money Beat) 3rd
98Diamond (prod. MOG BEATS) 6th
99Oh Ghana (prod. YoungKid Royal) 7th
100shame on You (TicTac Diss) (prod. Shawers) 11th
101Disaster (Wizkid Diss) (prod. Willis Beatz) 15th
102Dancehall Landlord (Timaya x Patoranking Diss) (prod. Da Maker) 16th
103Patoranking (Patoranking Diss) (prod. Da maker) 17th
104Oluwa is My Boss (prod. Willis Beats) 24th
105Satan Company (Samini Diss) (prod. Willis) 24th
107Timaya (Timaya Diss) (prod. Mog beats) 26th
108Ina Mi Corner ft Addi x captan x Rysto (prod sampled Popcaaan Riddim) 27th

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