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Caroline Danjuma mourns late friend Tagbo

Caroline Danjuma took to her IG page to mourn her late friend, Tagbo Umeike, whom she accused singer Davido and his crew members of allegedly dumping his lifeless body at General hospital. She also responded to backlash that resulted from her publicly calling out Davido as the chief culprit. 
Caroline Danjuma mourns late friend Tagbo
"If only all this ill names could bring u back , I am ready to be called all sorts ... they only label you because they never knew you .. I could take a bullet for u because you were selfless .. never looked down on no one. Playful and you knew your limits .. you were never boastful nor excessive .. you never drank past 5 shots of tequila even if u tried .. all u lived for , all you hoped for and couldnt wait to achieve on ur birthday is over.. you always had something nice to say to me .. constantly encouraging me and looking out for me," she wrote.

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