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The concept of Lyricash is simple.
It is an online business that infuses entertainment and money into a social networking system.

(Music + Community + Money = Lyricash)

Lyricash is a new innovation that tend to convert people's passion for music to a money making business opportunity just by allowing individuals build their own music-business community on their platform as your own way to support the industry, and also make financial success.
It's all about converting your passion to power profit.

The process to become a part of this opportunity is broken down into four (4) simple to understand steps;

You join
You Build
You earn
You support

1. Join: register on with N5000 to have an account and your own community link.
2. Build: get 4 people to sign up into your music community with your link with only N5000 each, and teach them to build their communities too.
3. Earn: As soon as you start building your community, you start earning. The bigger your music community, the more you earn. Other incentives also available.
4. Support: since we all love music, we get to support by purchasing music on the LYRICASH audio store with part of what we'll be earning.  (Gather points for reward bonuses on each music you buy).

That's all.

With this little understanding, you can see that Lyricash is a business that rewards you through your own effort. It's not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.
Easy to start, fun and entertaining. It develop leadership skills and put money in your hand with ease doing what you love.

Lyricash is a business of passion, that's why we choose to be part of it. We all love music!

Be a part of this amazing business opportunity of a life time, where we all support each other to succeed. All you have to do is take that step, decide and register with that N5000, and your financial status get to change forever.

#MyMusicBusiness #LetMusicPayTheBills

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