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​VIDEO: Hollyhood Kang @HollyhoodKang - SABI BOY

​Hollyhood Kang, “the celeb behind the celebrities”, is the new Nigerian Hip-Hop/Afro-pop Rapper with a music style that’s out of this world. SABI BOY (as he describes himself) can do it all! With a heritage from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, he integrates his traditional language Bini, Nigerian Pidgin, Southern American Rap, R&B, and sometimes even a Caribbean twist into his music. He tables a very dynamic music style and is sure to keep your eardrums entertained.  Hollyhood derived from Hollywood (is his twist on being famous amongst his piers as a teenager) Kang (a twist to his actual name, Ogie, meaning “King” in Bini)  After completing High School and starting college in Frisco, TX, USA, he dropped out because he realized his passion for entertainment; “I didn’t want to be just another doctor…

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