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Video: Omawumi angrily storms out of an interview

Affirming her zero tolerance for probing questions from journalists, singer Omawumi Megbele lost her temper during a recent interview.
She was a guest on “Da Chat” with Zinnia, a show produced by HF TV; and all was going fairly well as they had discussed other issues concerning motherhood, love life and her career - but the chat took an extreme turn after she was asked about her alleged smoking and drinking habit.
Omawumi, who apparently believed the presenter directly accused her of smoking and drinking, asked repeatedly; "have you seen me smoking before?." Amid visible anger and heightened tone, the singer maintained that the presenter does not wish her well for bringing up such object in an interview destined for the internet, where its capable of damaging her image before fans and minders.
However, mixed feelings have trailed the video on social media, with many backing Omawumi's action.
 Watch video below: 

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