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Ibaaku - "Alien Cartoon" (Senegal) @ibaaku1

I'm very proud to present this first release of 2016, coming straight from the imagination and machines of Senegalese producer Ibaaku, who pieced together this afro-futuristic opus as the soundtrack to Selly Raby Kane's Alien Cartoon fashion show and art performance:
"Ibaaku accomplished a surrealist feat by transforming fragmented, chaotic sounds into a harmonious and baffling opus, he is a brilliant spirit." Selly Raby Kane
"Sound... levitation... meditation... sound coming from the guts... it's a journey!" Daara J Family 
"A prime example of Afrofuturism as it stands today: an eclectic, electronic opus to a fantasy alien attack" Fader
"[Alien Cartoon] plays like a haywire crossing of distorted bass, thumping hip-hop inspired breakbeats and Senegalese samples. It’s a sound that’s at the same time dizzying and completely hypnotizing." OkayAfrica
"Senegal's Ibaaku is bringing Afrofuturism to the dacefloor" Thump

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