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Blackface Attacks 2Face For Stealing His Songs, Threatens Lawsuit

Blackface rant
Blackface rant
Few days after accusing Wizkid for stealing his intellectual property, Blackface is now on a rampage accusing 2Face (we mean 2Baba) for the same and even worse.
His rant started when a singer tweeted at Blackface asking permission to remix his song, Erima. Blackface responded saying, “Why you get sense pass 2Face?”. Blackface then went on Instagram to narrate that 2Face and his (2Face’s) manager, Efe Omoregbe stole the song Let Somebody Love You from Blackface.
He then went back to Twitter for a full-scale attack on 2Face.

  1. All said and done with...
  2. y not ask dat u wana record my song?I was out in d wilderness n u never called becos u wish me dead so my properties be urs?
  3. Suddenly your manager is a song writer on my song? So you can split publishing 4ways with Bridget Kelly?with my name misspelt?
  4. Since you decided to hide you know I still let you know a piece of my mind and well meet in court about my publishing
  5. You singing without telling me when you know its my song isn't going down…
  6. Why you get sense pass Tuface?RT: Make I take permission first I won remix make I go ahead"

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