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Nexxt Level Entertainment singer, Maire is set to release her debut single off her forthcoming album. The single is titled ‘Alhaji’, and will be unveiled in January 2015, as an opener to the New Year. The new song is produced by Spellz, and will feature Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim ‘Alhaji’ will be released exclusively for streaming on MTN Music+, on New Year’s day, and serves a strong follow-up to her video ‘In my heart’, which was released in October 2015. Scroll below to watch the video.
“What's interesting about my music and me as a person is I'm not influenced my trends or whatever is in vogue.” Maire told Pulse.
“My new song has a personal undertone to it. I drew inspiration from events around me. A lot of Nigerian men do not know how to treat women these days and I felt the need to address that.“The beat has this new foreign R&B sound to it and I kept thinking of how to bring it home so my Naija girls could relate. After a while my emotions kicked in and before I knew it I started singing 'I go fly you go Dubai swear say I love you die all that one na for sweet mouth'.”Check out the video for Maire’s video ‘In my heart’ below.

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