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MUSIC : Jae Baz Mini- be Nō Rhien Rhien [Endlessly] ft. ADO@iamjaebaz

Osayomore - Joseph Obaruyi-Edo Ehigie aka Jae Baz is a Benin Kingdom Born and Raised International Artist who have lived in Italy, The United States of America and now currently resides in Canada. He has made his name and wave out in North America like most of our major celebrities have - and now have chosen to come back to his Roots. Jae Baz has done stage performances with a lot of Big Names in the industry both home and Abroad. names like 2pistols is an American based artist who has also done major things in the American Music Industry - featuring names like T-Pain and other Well Known Move Makers.. Jae Baz has also had the privilege to perform alongside - 9Ice. 2Face. Majek Fashek. Timaya. Flavour N'abania. P Square. Wiz Kid. Yvonne Chaka Chaka and KK Fosu. Still while we sit and count the Stages and Acts Jae Baz have done. We would also like to add that Jae Baz is also a student at the Toronto Film School (RCC) Institute as a Movie/Film Director. CEO of LinXMEN Corporations and Founder of A Supreme Land-Lord Muzik. Hits Like Another Woman - Ebe No' Rhien Rhien - African Beauty and many many many more haven't had the chance to get the exposures they deserve yet. but we Hope in time the Name Jae Baz becomes a Brand that the whole world would recon with.


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