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MUSIC : CHE - Music Makes Me High (@che_chidi)

‘’che’’ a German based musician has returned home to make a debut in the Nigerian music industry with a single titled ‘’MUSIC MAKES ME HIGH’’ which sounds classic, He sounds like none ever heard before and his ease of rendition and delivery, like none but himself. Che uses music as an instrument for the re- awakening the consciousness of the of Nigerians on a need to embrace themselves and resurrect our forgotten values and dispel the foreign norms that have polluted our invaluable ideals, His complete understanding of music is astute, away from what is obtainable today in the musical scene where artistes are in it for the sake of entertainment and business alone. For Che, music is to edify, Che Plays numerous instruments including the Sax, Guitar, and the drum set as it is evident in his music delivery. He is a singer, songwriter, poet, essayist and novelist. 

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