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SOAP : Dabby Chimere Unraveling “Lies And Secret” In A Television Series

Superior drama production is high cost and high risk. It requires a long development period and skilled practitioners to make it. Production costs in Nigeria are internationally very competitive but still well in excess of local broadcaster revenue for the time slot.

Over the years of filming activity in the country, only Nollywood has been able to gain recognition and boost, based on individual contribution and outside government support. Internationally, public funding support for local television drama is commonplace in all but the largest markets.

In this high stakes environment Nollywood has been a consistent funder of both the development and production of movie projects. This has seen a large number of well-received blockbusters over the years. But since the attention divert to Nigeria’s television series sector, the country’s television audiences have grown to appreciate and expect high quality drama that matches or exceeds international fare.

Since Nollywood redefined the screen business through quality effort in the sustenance of entertainment in Nigeria homes, audience behaviour for both local and international drama has been changing.

To boost these on-going trends, independent producer like Dabby Chimere of Dabz Movie Productions who supported in the building of this present structure recently took a new drive when she entered location for the shoot of a television series, entitled: Lies And Secret.

Ensuring value oriented project, Dabby did not just storm the location for a one-off production, rather she debuted with an innovating mindset that is guided by diversity of newer ideas on how to strive, creativity and quality production standards for the reward of viewership.

Hoping to appeal local and international audiences, she intends championing local content that would engage, stimulate and satisfy intended viewers. “There should be quality and reward for viewership, even as we want to maximize the audiences’ interest. It’s not as if we’ve not been into this very business of production, but for the first time my company is doing something different in the same field.

“We will not say because it’s new then we should compromise quality, no, but we will bring our ideas to the table where people can see it, and as well score us for it. We just completed the first shoot, and plans are on for airing negotiations, which very soon we will be hooking it to best and reachable channels where viewers can enjoy it without much stress,” she noted.

According to Behind Nollywood’s report and ratings, her casts were meticulously selected from each of the popular airing series, like Jenifa’s Diary, Tinsel and few others. Not just that, wowing revelation created rooms for the mix of Nollywood prominent faces like Daniella Okereke, Daniel Lloyd, Uzor Arukwe and host of other professionals in the Africa’s make-believe industry who all made individual appearances.

The entrance of Lies And Secret into the television drama sector will be filling the gap of stories told and written based on real life experiences. Written by Lawrita Obioha, the storyline captures the realness of human activity as being an everyday lifestyle for the society. However, it will help the content in igniting the minds of viewers who will be glued to the suspense of each revealing scenes and episodes.

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